Couples Therapy

Couples counseling (or couples therapy) emphasizes effective communication and the power of listening.  As a licensed clinical counselor I can help you identify common life goals, while learning to share responsibilities. In therapy we will address not only the interaction between partners but the silent communication or systems that are occurring between the couple.  The goal of couples therapy is to maintain positive healthy relationships that enhance and improve your life together. 

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Do you ever wonder if your relationship could benefit from seeking counseling?  There are numerous situations where marriage and couples counseling can be beneficial including:

                                                                 A Break In Trust
Maybe it started as a white lie that grew out of control, or perhaps it was something more serious like infidelity.  Regardless of the reason a violation of trust in a relationship can push any couple to the edge.  Couples counseling can help you work through the violation and begin to restore your trust.

                                                        A Life Changing Transition
Transitions, planned or unplanned, can really rock the boat in what had previously been a smooth sailing relationship.  Having a baby, buying a house, losing a job, or suddenly having to take care of a family member can apply a tremendous amount of stress to even the most stable relationship.  In therapy you will learn ways to change your interactions and work through the transition together instead of letting the stress control the situation.

                                                                 Raising a Family
Raising a family can be equal parts rewarding and frustrating.  Often couples have differing views on discipline, schooling, diet, wardrobe and expectations.  A couple that struggles with effective communication, or uses avoidance to deal with problems may find this frustration to be overwhelming and take it out on each other.  A couples counselor can give you the tools you need to deal with the frustrations while focusing on the rewards.  

Has the passion disappeared from your relationship?  Is there a lack of intimacy?  Do you feel disconnected and that you’re growing further apart?  As a therapist I often hear these concerns from couples.  You may feel stuck in a rut and not sure what to do next.  Couples therapy can help you break that negative cycle, change your perspective and start getting enjoyment out of your relationship again.