You might be seeking therapy because you feel like no one has your back, that you just can’t handle how much crap keeps pilling up on you, because you doubt your ability to manage the craziness of life, the heaviness of it, the complications of family that you love, but who don’t always treat you with love and care, you feel weighed down by “failures” and unable to see your strength and successes despite surviving one hard thing after another, and often with limited or poor support. Or maybe you just feel broken and that no one else cares. The truth is most people aren’t broken. They may have hearts or minds that have been sprained, but with the right treatment, they can heal. When people come to see me who feel that “no one cares about them” I’m always reminded of how important it is that AT LEAST ONE PERSON cares…and the fact that they got to my office tells me that the MOST important person they can have rooting for them in their life CARES – THEY CARE. They care enough to get the support they need. And that’s the first step to widening that circle to create healthy connections so that they don’t have to carry that care alone.