Individual Therapy

 Adult Individual Therapy

As humans, we were designed to be in the community with others and to seek counsel.  As a therapist I strive to meet the needs of those that want to work on a variety of personal goals and problems.  Let me come alongside you and support you in your struggles. 

Adolescent Individual Therapy 

Being a teen is hard work.  You are trying to manage so many things that are all competing for your undivided attention: making and maintaining friendships; keeping up with your school work to make yourself proud or at least keep from getting into trouble; sports, groups and other hobbies; deciding and preparing for life after high school; making money so you can have a social life; figuring out who you are really romantically interested in; deciding if or when you are going to follow along with the “crowd”; coping with mean peers; avoiding family members that don’t understand you; all while trying to figure out who you really are and what you really like.  My fundamental purpose in adolescent counseling is to support you while you navigate this crazy time in life, figuring out what is most important to you and how to meet your goals.

You are ready to start building positive relationshipsYou are ready to start loving you again.  You are ready to get out of that negative cycle and change your perspective.  You are ready to meet with a counselor and begin your first counseling session. Contact me to schedule your first session.