Successful But Broken

You are a successful professional woman, who has achieved success in your career but is now looking to be successful in your personal life as well. 

Most of the people in your life think that you are doing great! Some might even say you have a perfect life!  They see that you have a stellar, high-flying job or business and don’t have to worry about money coming in.  In fact, you can afford to buy pretty much anything you want!  

What they don’t see is that even though you are professionally successful you still have fears, doubts, and worries. You just don’t let these feelings stop you when it comes to your career, but when it comes to your personal life, it is a different story. In fact, in your personal life, you feel a loneliness that leaves an emptiness in your body and the thought that there must be something wrong with you, a “brokenness” that others just can’t see!  Sometimes you try to push it away and ignore it, by diving deeper into your career. Looking to fill the emptiness with achievements and validations in your career. Yet you notice that it’s getting harder as the feeling of emptiness grows.

Still, every morning you wake up and pull all your shit together so that no one can see the cracks.  After all, you’re a successful professional woman, you’re meant to have your shit together. You are determined not to let anyone see the part of you that you feel is “broken” or “fucked up” out of fear that they will not accept you. 

The truth is that no matter how much you try to immerse yourself in your work, work will never be a true friend or confidante to you.  No matter how much you achieve in your career, it can not take away those feelings of emptiness and loneliness that you feel outside of your career.  It’s a pain that no amount of money or status can take away from you.

If you are ready to make a change and start doing the work to stop seeing yourself as “broken”, “fucked up” or “not good enough” and achieve the success you long for in your personal life, then let’s do it together! 

I will teach you how to be yourself, how to get to know yourself, how to value your inner self, how to love yourself just as you are, flaws and all!  Learn to see yourself clearly for the first time in a way that will provide you with the courage and willingness to allow others to see you, flaws and all as well.

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